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    The PhD in Statistics and Mathematical Finance originates from the union of the three PhD programs in Statistics, Applied Statistics and Mathematics for Financial Markets. The new PhD program offers two curricula: one in Statistics and one in Mathematical Finance.

    Merging the three programs allowed us to realize financial and human synergies and offer a higher quality and variety of courses and seminars to our students.

    The first year offers a number of basic courses (Analysis, Probability, Optimization, Statistical Inference, Bayesian Statistics, Computational Statistics, Mathematical Finance) which are common to both curricula. Furthermore, the PhD students are required to attend short courses and research seminars taught by international scholars. The second year is generally spent in an international research institution working on the ideas that will characterize the dissertation. The third year is dedicated to writing the PhD dissertation. All lessons and activities are held in English.

    Seven scholarships (16,238 Euro per year) are available, three of which are reserved for students with non-Italian degrees (master of science equivalent).

    For more information:
    Giorgio Vittadini (giorgio.vittadini@unimib.it) – Head of the PhD
    Andrea Ongaro (andrea.ongaro@unimib.it) – curriculum in Statistics coordinator
    Fabio Bellini (fabio.bellini@unimib.it) – curriculum in Mathematical Finance coordinator
    Nicoletta Alghisi (nicoletta.alghisi@unimib.it)   – Secretariat