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    The Department of Statistics and Quantitative Methods (henceforth DISMEQ), established in 2012, contributes to the training of professionals and to produce new knowledge and evidences, in the methodological aspects of Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Foreign Languages, and in their applications, in particular to the areas of population and society, public health, welfare, finance, markets and the energy sector.

    DISMEQ, headed by Prof. Walter Maffenini, has 11 Full professors, 16 Associate professors, 22 Assistant professors and 16 Postdoctoral fellows, 7 linguistic experts and other research collaborators, and 7 between technicians and administrative staff.

    DISMEQ hosts the PhD programs in “Statistics and Mathematics for Finance”.

    Teaching activities include graduate and master degrees from the School of Economics and Statistics.

    DISMEQ also represents the natural reference of the Bachelor Degree in “Economics and Business” and “Statistics and Information Management” and Master of Science in “Economics and Finance” and “Biostatistics and Experimental Statistics”.

    Finally, DISMEQ hosts the administrative headquarters of the journal “Statistica & Applicazioni”, founded in 2003 in a joint venture with other University Departments.